Awarded MVP of the year

WoWoWo :O Surprised. Puzzled. Amazed. These are the words that define better my current feelings. However, while writing these lines I’m just realizing I have a blissful smile, or maybe just a stupid smile. Why? Because I just received an email from Lisa Feigenbaum (Microsoft Community Program Manager) with this message: “Congratulations on being awarded C# MVP of the Year based on your contributions in 2011!” That’s amazing, and sincerely, totally unexpected

Functional Programming For The Rest of Us

Introduction Programmers are procrastinators. Get in, get some coffee, check the mailbox, read the RSS feeds, read the news, check out latest articles on techie websites, browse through political discussions on the designated sections of the programming forums. Rinse and repeat to make sure nothing is missed. Go to lunch. Come back, stare at the IDE for a few minutes. Check the mailbox. Get some coffee. Before you know it, the day is over.

Macbook Pro - Series 3400 series chipset problems?

The issue After a long time… here we go again! Today a quick post, just a note: If you bought a MacBook Pro and using Boot Camp for running Windows, you may be possible experiment some chipset problems. In my particular case with USB and bluetooth devices (Wireless Notebook Presenter 8000), and a couple of window-freezed. Also, in some ocasions Windows threw an error: “Intel 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset Family USB Universal Host Controller – 3B3B (and 3B36) has a driver problem”.

Check if current user is domain administrator

The scenario In business applications it’s very common checking if the current user is member of the ‘domain administrators’ role of your company. For example, recently I had to check if the current user has administrative privileges in order to show some advanced configuration options. IsInRole To acomplish this we could use the IsInRole method from the WindowsPrincipal class. This method checks if an user is member of a Windows role and returns a bool value.

Retrieve all controls using generics (II)

Gettings all controls from a container v2 A better approach In my previous post I created a recursive function to retrieve all controls inside a form and its containers. Today, my colleague and friend Eduard Tomàs sent me another solution to the same topic based on LINQ. It’s simply and really, really pretty ❤️ The power of LINQ Before starting, we need to solve this: LINQ works over IEnumerable, but Control.

Retrieve all controls using generics (I)

Gettings all controls from a container That’s the question How many times have you ever heard something similar? :) How to clear the content of all the textboxes in a form? The question may vary a littles bit but it’s always related to obtain all controls of a determined type (Button TextBox, etc) in a form or maybe in another type of container like a Panel or user control.