Disable keyring password on boot in Linux Mint

Auto login in Linux Mint using face recognition


I use Linux Mint in my Slimbook laptop and one of my favorite tools is Slimbook Face, which allows me to login using face recognition. Configure it it’s super easy and I can login using my pretty face, moreover, I can also SUDO 🤩

Slimbook Face tool

But from time to time, when loging an anoying message appears 🤦


What the hell is that? And why I cannot continue until I type my password?

Disabling login keyring password

Warning: This will make your keyring accessible without a password.

Using UI

The simplest way is to set the password for the keyring to an empty password – you will not be prompted for a password then:

  • Open Applications -> Accessories -> Password and Encryption Keys
  • Right-click on the “login” keyring
  • Select “Change password”
  • Enter your old password and leave the new password blank

Important: This will expose all your passwords (e.g. email passwords) that you chose to save in the default keyring to anyone using your computer or having access to your files and is therefore not recommended.

Again, this is something I don’t care because I’m using face recognition.

Using Command Line

Use this command replacing MYPASSWORD for your own password.

python -c "import gnomekeyring;gnomekeyring.change_password_sync('login', 'MYPASSWORD', '');"
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